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Sanitary pads crisis

Zimbabwe is economically challenged leading to unexpected high prices of sanitary pads making it difficult for some women and girls to purchase and afford the sanitary pads .

The fact that sanitary pads are sold at a higher price has affect ted many women and girls in communities to such an extent that some are suggesting girls not to go to school and women not to go to work as it become difficult for them .

Meanwhile child health advocate Dr Chirembawa said that the cost of sanitary pads must be decreased, companies who manufacture these must get forex prioritization so as to avoid such high prices.

The women and girls who buy expensive versions possibly has heavy flows, so need heavy duty pads to function, it’s not luxury and also the must be zero taxation on sanitary ware.” reads Chirembawa’s tweet.

A report from a women’s organisation attested that costly sanitary pads leave women and girls at cross roads and subject them to shame, low self-esteem among others and there is need review the situation.

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