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Sanyangore faces jail over debt

Controversial prophet and Victory World  International Ministries leader, Paul Sanyangore is facing imprisonment following his failure to settle US$12 733.73 owed to international satellite and broadcast service provider, Viewsat Limited.

On December 6 2018, Viewsat Limited filed summons for imprisonment and cited Sanyangore as the respondent.

In an a notice to the respondent which was filed along with the summons, the satellite provider said Sanyangore is compelled to pay the money in question and the cost of suit.

“You, the respondents (Paul Sanyangore) is called upon to pay the applicant the sum of $12 733.73 being taxed cost plus interest thereon at the prescribed rate from 12 October 2017 to date of payment plus collection commission in terms of Law Society of Zimbabwe By-Laws and legal costs on a legal practitioner and client scale recovered by order of this court dated 9 January 2010 April in the sum of $12 733.73,” reads part of the notice.

The satelite provider also said if he (Sanyangore) fails to pay the money in question, he must appear before the high court and explain why he had not paid.

“If you fail to pay the sum specified above, you must appear before the high court at Harare……. to explain why you have not paid it and to show cause why an order for your imprisonment should not be made on account of failure to pay. You should bring with you evidence of failure to pay.

“You should bring with you the evidence of your financial position and it will be in your own interest to give the court evidence of  your income from wages , salary or other earnings and other incomes you may receive from any other source(you should bring wages slips or other proof of your income).

“Your expenses for yourself and dependents (bring documentary proof such as rent receipts. Water and lights accounts, accounts for school fees) Any other liabilities to which you may be subject.

“The court will conduct an inquiry into your financial position and depending on the circumstances, it may not commit you to prison but instead give you further time to pay the sum due or direct you to pay it in instalments over a specified period,” reads the notice.

The notices also highlighted that Sanyangore is also at liberty to approach the satelite provider and make an offer of settlement if not he faces imprisonment.

“You are at liberty to approach the applicant before the date of the hearing and to make an offer of settlement of the sum due.

“Unless you pay the plaintiff the sum specified above, or unless the plaintiff accepts an offer of settlement which you have made to it, you must appear before the High Court. If you do not do so, a Writ of personal attachment may be issued against you and you may be committed to prison.”

The matter is still pending.

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