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Serial Fraudster jailed for impersonating ZIMRA detail

A suspected serial fraudster has been nabbed for allegedly duping people of US$34 600 after misrepresenting that she is a ZIMRA employee who could facilitate them in buying cars and property at an auction.

Prosecuting Sebastian Mutizirwa opposed bail arguing that Kudzanai Nyoka was convicted on CRR5389/12, she was facing fraud charges, she was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment and she a beneficiary of an amnesty.
Mutizirwa also told the court that Nyoka has another pending matter on CRB8974/17, she is also charged with fraud and was released on bail.
He claimed that if she is granted bail she might default court since she is aware that she might get a longer custodial sentence. She was not asked to plead when she appeared before Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa charged with fraud. She was remanded in custody to tomorrow for bail considerations.

Allegations are that on November 27 last year, Rejoice Mangori was at Goshen Hair Saloon located along Nelson Mandela Street when she heard her hair dresser speaking with her friend. They were discussing about Nyoka whom they referred to as a ZIMRA employee capable of assisting people to purchase goods from ZIMRA auctions.
Mangori expressed interest in buying a refrigerator and she was linked by Charity who happens to be Nyoka’s hairstylist.

Nyoka reportedly misrepresented to Mangori that she is a ZIMRA employee and advised her to deposit US$104 into her Ecocash account. After the transaction, Nyoka became evasive prompting Mangori to lodge a complaint with the police.

The State further alleges that on November 27 last year, Nyoka in the company of Michael Rwangani and Howard Mutsago who are already on remand over the same matter hatched a plan to steal from Edwin Muleya.
They reportedly approached him and informed him that there was an auction at ZIMRA Harare where cars were being sold at a cheaper price. Muleya became interested and informed the trio that he wanted to buy one Toyata Hilux, two Mercedes Benz and a Honda Fit.

The trio misrepresented to Muleya that they are ZIMRA officials and they could facilitate him in buying the cars at a cheaper price. As a result, they advised Muleya to deposit money into Mitchel Rwangani’s CABS bank account.
It was reported that he deposited US$14 700 and the balance of US$2 300 he gave to Rwangani and Mutsago in cash. After the transaction, the trio became evasive.

This incited Muleya to make a follow up at ZIMRA offices in Harare and he was informed that there was no such auction. Investigations were done leading to the arrest of Rwangani and Mutsago. When Nyoka heard about the arrest of her accomplice and she allegedly solicited for an out of court settlement with Tawanda Takaindisa who is Muleya’s lawyer where she reportedly surrendered a Honda fit and US$4 000 as part reimbursement for Muleya’s actual prejudice of US$17 100.

Mutizirwa further alleges that three also misrepresented to Munyaradzi Majoni that they can facilitate for him to buy cheaper cars at a ZIMRA auction. Majoni reportedly deposited US$17 100 into Mitchel Rwangani bank account.
Again after the transaction the three became evasive and nothing was recovered.

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