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South Africa donates to Jairos Jiri Association

South African Ambassador Mpakama N Mbete representing SA government has donated necessities to the Jairos Jiri Association while celebrating the life of late Nelson Mandela.

Deputy Director Grace Kamanga said they were grateful by the efforts made by the South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mpakama N Mbete who donated food and necessities to the underprivileged.

“You know God is wonderful this is amazing. We never expected this kind of gesture. Honestly we are truly touched imagine the children are in need and we were wondering where we were going to get their list this has happened we salute you,” said Kamanga.

The SA Ambassador donated necessities to accommodate the children who are underprivileged with food and clothes as South Africa celebrates the life of the first SA President Nelson Mandela.

Mbete said they were giving to the unfortunate because that’s what the icon wanted.

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