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Spousal Maintenance from Zim dollar to RTGS

A 64 year old Harare woman has dragged her husband to Harare Civil court for spousal maintenance from Zimbabwean dollar to Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).

Anna Banga claimed that her husband Jacob Banga should pay her $1000 for spousal maintenance for her upkeep since they have not been staying together since 2006 and she wants the money to be converted into RTGS.

“I would like my husband to maintain me since we separated in 2004 and the amount that he was paying me in 2006 to be converted into RTGS dollar, ”said Banga.

Jacob Banga claimed that her wife was having a mental challenge because they are now both pensioners and $1 000 was too much and their children are the ones who are now taking care of us and she’s also getting income from our ten roomed house at our Tnywald plot.

We did not separate but we have been living in separate houses. When our children called me to the United States of America she took all the profits that I had made from my goat sale and opened a kiosk which she is currently running”, said Banga.

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