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Stanbic Bank is our main Supplier of sunscreens lotions: Mainto

Loveness Mainato founder and executive director of the Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe has thanked the Stanbic Bank for been its main supplier of sun screen lotions to the organisation.

She mentioned this in an interview after receiving a donation from the Stanbic bank today in Harare.

The donation that we have received we cover up to 250 people around the national.”

“We are thankful of the donation that has been made today because this season we are entering is the one these people need sunscreens to avoid damage on the skin.”

“These donations must not only target those in Harare but also to those areas that hard to reach.”

“We encourage other groups from the corporate world to join Stanbic bank.”

The presentation was done by the Stanbic non-executive board member Mrs Nellie Tiyago-Jinjika.

During her speech she highlighted that as a bank they would like to help to educate the people about albinism.

We want to commit in educating people about albinism, we are the same.”

“It is such a privilege for us to help with what we have.”

According to the census that was done in 2012, Zimbabwe had a total of 39 000 people who suffer from albinism and Stanbic has been helping the ALCOZ to reach out to these people.






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