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State University lecturers threaten to down tools

Zimbabwe State Universities Union of Academics (ZSUUA) has issued a statement that with effect from 8 September 2019 all teaching staff will no longer be able to continue their services due to the economic hardships.

ZSUUA has dated this to the salaries of state universities staff which have not yielded the desired outcome. The university teaching stuff has noted that all teaching stuff will report for duty when the situation improves, lest they risk the embarrassment of collapsing (fainting) in front of students whilst working on empty stomachs.

In a memorable event, representatives of all state universities held a meeting in Harare on 14  August 2019. It was noted that the Supplementary Budget produced by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development did not address the plight of all state universities’ workers.

The high cost of living has rendered them poor and therefore unable to report for duty. They have been stretched beyond their elasticity level, to an inevitably breaking point”, said President of Zimbabwe State Universities’ Union of Academics Alois Muzvuwe.

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