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Stop Acting out of anger: Khupe Told

MDC-T secretary for Mobilisation, Job Sikhala has urged Thokozani Khupe to stop acting out of anger.

Sikhala made these remarks after Khupe who is the brains behind the new MDC-T faction held a congress last Saturday.

On his Facebook platform Sikhala wrote:

 “Let me reassure you that President Nelson Chamisa does not have any hard feelings against you at all. He neither hates you. He is rather despaired by the path you decided to take”

He encouraged Khupe to stop acting out of anger because, “the consequences of decisions made out of ego tramples against fate and destiny.”

Sikhala also said events at Stanley Square were not of an extra ordinary congress as prescribed by Article 6.2.5 of the MDC constitution,

He described it as a gathering of angry people don’t know how to bring a solution to the nation.

He added that despite having differences with Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube , Tsvangirai personal approached them and talked the differences out are now one happy family back together once more again but Khupe refused to take heed to Chamisa’s call.

Yesterday Justice Francis Bere dismissed an appeal by MDC-T Chamisa faction to prohibit Khupe from using the name MDC-T for her party yesterday in Bulawayo.

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