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Sungura Artist stretches hand to people with disability

Local sungura musician Eddy Ziyali popularly known as Man Edie has yet released another album called Gango. The album was released early this month.

In an interview with ZimOnline News Eddy revealed that the produce of this album will go to benefit all those people who are leaving with disabilities. The album consists of song like back to sender, nyata, disability, ndine mubvunzo, manuwero and takatenderana.

“On this album I was driven to find money and help people who are disadvantaged or leaving with disability with food and other necessities of life.” Man Edie said.

“The song on the album called disability is the song that drove me to see the need to help all the people who are leaving with disability.”

“The program of helping people with disabilities as a social responsibility I started it last year in November. It’s not only the money from this album that will be channeled to people leaving with disabilities but of all the income from my shows 30% was channeled to these people.”

“For now I’m grateful to some people who have also seen the need to help the people and are always helping with this vision which include kudzi jako Mutepuka, Forward Makaza, black family entertainment and Blessmore Tapfuma who is based in South Africa.”

“I’m looking forward to all those who have a heart to help people leaving with disabilities to get in touch and do well for the society.”

“As for me and my band we are well willing to help all those who are leaving with disabilities as we fulfill our social responsibility. As we were commanded to love one another but love can only be seen when u give it away.”

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