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Tatelicious commemorates Transgender Day

A Zimbabwean Legendary Transgender Black Woman, Tatelicious Karigambe Sandberg joins the LGBTIQA and the world in celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia,Transphobia and Biphobia.

Posting on Social media,Tatelicious congratulates her fellow Zimbabweans for acknowledging the existence of the ‘Rainbow Family’ and the LGBTIQA people.

Tatelicious said she was humiliated by fellow Zimbabweans when she announced that she is a transgender on Social Media.

“It wasn’t easy when l debuted on Facebook in 2016 and l remember hate and terror was raining like nobody’s business from my fellow Zimbabwean people,”

“But as time went on, you started accepting and tolerating me, your phones and wooooooooow its becoming exciting every day,”

Tatelicious said she is happy because she has managed to overcome critics from Zimbabwean politicians through entertainment.

“In Zimbabwe I realized that politicians can literally colonize our brains in making us hate the unusual and we have overcome that by the love and support you show me when l come to entertain you in  your living room,offices,hospitals,schools etc via your Facebook,”

“When l come to do what l do best,lm not only representing my Brand Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg but I’m also standing in solidarity with my Rainbowv Zimbabwean community and the whole world at large ,”

“So today l say thank you for just wanting to know more and we gonna take each day as it comes,”

Tatelicious also said she loves those who hate the Rainbow family, “To those who hate the LGBTIQA famly in the name of religion or any other beliefs,l say to you WE STILL LOVE YOU AND PLEASE TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED to try to understand US but we gonna continue showering you with LOOOVE,”

“Zimbabwe and The world will stand as ONE despite OUR different gender identities and sexual orientation,”

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