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Tatelicious dismisses critics

Socialite and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) activist Tatenda Karigambe aka ‘Tatelicious’ said she has learnt to ignore criticism from haters. Karigambe said critics will not stop her life.

Posting on her Instagram handle Tatelicious said she condemns judgment from anyone else but allows only God to judge her deeds.

People ask me if negativity from people have stopped going on with my life, my answer has always remained the same: I have allowed # Only God the father Jesus Christ to judge me,”  said Karigambe.

Tatelicious is the first Zimbabwean to become a transgender and is always facing criticism from Zimbabweans for changing her identity and gender.Tatelicious was born a male by the name Tatenda Karigambe but decided to change her identity undergoing breast argumentation and vaginoplast (male to female surgery) which she claimed cost her US $80 000.

Furthermore,Tatelicious claimed growing up she faced abuse and rejection from other children and relatives. Karigambe was taken through traditional healers and Apostolic churches for deliverance.

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