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Tatelicious makes peace with Madam Boss

Zimbabwean first transgender woman and socialite Tatenda Karigambe popularly known as ‘Tatelicious’ is grateful for her song  ‘Ishe ndichengete’ endorsement by Tyra Chikocho ‘Madam Boss’ after she blasted her on social media claiming she was promiscuous.

Posting on her Instagram handle, Tatelicious said she was indebted by the support by Madam Boss after their feud where Tatelicious claimed Madam Boss was unfaithful to her husband Ngonidzashe Munetsiwa.

Tatelicious said the way Madam Boss supported her shows shes a true Christian as she can easily forgive others.

Queen Tatelicious criticised Madam Boss accusing her for making a skit about her when she was blasted by Naomi who threatened to bash Tatelicious.

Tatelicious allegedly exposed Madam Boss infidelity claiming she had a intimate relationship with socialite Thomas Chizhanje.

“She is a prostitute and her husband is lazy that’s why she cheats on him.Everyone knows Madam Boss is a whore because she made a skit hitting on me” ,said Tatelicious.

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