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TelOne launches girl- child empowerment program

TelOne today launched a year- long Girls mentorship program dubbed TelOne QueenMakers girls mentorship program. The event took place at the TelOne learning center today in Harare.

Speaking to the media after the launch the TelOne Managing Director Chipo Mtasa said the whole program is to empower the girl child because once you empower the girl child you have empowered the country.

“We are doing this as a co-operate responsibility to mentor and nature the young students for them to live a life that is purpose that they may have successful careers for themselves.  We decided to start with the girl child because we noticed that we have good professionals here at TelOne who have much to offer.”

“It is good for the girl child to come and learn and see that anything is possible, so that they can have value wherever they go and to uplift their lives.”

To encourage the girls on the journey that they have started was Dr Petina Gappah and Maud Chifamba the youngest African graduate who shared their live experiences with the 100 girls from Harare.

The TelOne QueenMakers program seeks to support and empower young girls in high school to reach their fullest potential through mentorship and trainings on various life skills topics. The program is especially targeted at the up with potential and coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

TelOne is enrolling 200 girls countrywide and taking them through a series of empowering topics with different experts. These leadership development, information, communication and technology (ICT) skills, financial literacy, grooming and etiquette, sexual reproductive health among other topics.

The first group girls consist of 100 form 3s and form 5 girls from different Harare schools which include Harare High, Domboramwari High, Zengeza 1 high and Glenview High.

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