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Dendairy offering hardship allowance

With the economic instability that Zimbabwe is facing the pay, allowance or wages that are been received by many no longer means anything. The business sector is going down as the value of money especially the bond note is going day and the cost of living increase nearly every day. The parallel market is increasing the rates nearly after every ...

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Mliswa warns Norton Councillors over corruption

The Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency has warned the Norton Town Councillors to desist from any form of corruption. He has since oversighted that on his twitter handle this morning that no form of corruption is allowed. “A lot of talk is made about corruption at the top but we must all make sure that our houses are clean. ...

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Mliswa to give is pay to village workers

Temba Mliswa a member of parliament for Norton Constituency yesterday pledged to give all his pay to village health workers. He said this yesterday at the World Mental health Day launch and commemorations held in Norton yesterday. He said this after appreciating the amount of work that is done by the village health workers and what they get as their ...

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Men also at risk of breast cancer

Breast Cancer has become a cause for concern in men as it is an uncommon disease and is still very rare in different countries .The male breast cancer is commonly known as non-lump breast cancer, representing approximately 1% of cancers that occurs in men. In Zimbabwe breast cancer affects one in every 10 women and one in every 100 men, ...

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Mathematics now a pre-requirement for Nursing training

Ministry of Health yesterday issued  a circular, setting  out the revised requirements  set for prospective candidates  to be trained  as nurses starting  May 2019  intake. According  to the  new requirements those applying  to enrol in  nursing  should  possess five( 5 )ordinary  level passes  in one sitting which includes English language ,Mathematics and Science and two other subjects and should be ...

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Smart Phones: A Blessing or a Curse to our Children Part II

Following the previous part of this interesting topic about children and smart phones being a blessing or a curse I have evoked serious debate among parents and guardians. Today i address the three questions I highlighted in Part I. This subject provokes critical thinking as to reasons why children are having phones and if its really necessary. Ben Machell notes ...

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‘Vice President Chiwenga is well,’ Charamba

President’s Spokesperson George Charamba dismissed the allegations that Chiwenga is critically ill in South Africa saying that both him and his wife are in good condition. Charamba said the bombing incident at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo affected Vice President Chiwenga and his wife Mary alongside Vice President Kembo Mohadi and several other government officials. “The incident happened at ...

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Health Service Board working on salary scale

The Health Service Board which was recently sworn held its induction for the incoming board members today in Harare. The induction was held in order to impart knowledge and skills, to the newly appointed Health Service Board Members, on the key Government principles and values. In the note address by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Child ...

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Forex rate elapse: Medicine price still up

With the economic instability in the country it has become so expensive to buy anything especially without foreign currency. This has been evident even in the medical sector where medicine is been sold forex. The Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe has released a press statement in line with the current situation in Zimbabwe. In the press statement that was made today ...

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Smart Phones: A Blessing or a Curse to our Children Part 1

Nowadays smart phones are as common as a vegetable garden at a homestead. They can do more than just calls but also surf the internet. Mobile phones now seem more like a right for every member of the family. However germane as they may be, many a times we have left our toddlers and children with these gadgets unattended without ...

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