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Man wants to receive maintenance money

A Harare man said he wants to receive the maintenance money himself because the money is not used properly by the mother of his child. This matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Onward Marembo was applying for what he called ‘change of an account’. Marembo said he wants to reverse the maintenance money from Blessing Mashawi’s ...

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Man tally’s children to bicycle

A Harare man has been dragged to court by his estranged wife for maintenance to Harare Civil Court after failure of taking care of his four children. Makamba Mawirei dragged her ex-husband Kutamba Karuwachiri to court claiming $460 for maintaining their 4 children who are going to school.Mawirei wants Karuwachiri to maintain his children because through her salary of $50 ...

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Moira Knight responds to fathers rumors

Eric Knight’s daughter Moira has taken to Twitter to express her disappointment  after alleged chats between her father and a small house leaked. “I’m very much ashamed. Help me pray for my Mum”. Eric Knights daughter responds to rumors that he fathered a child with a ‘small house’. The alleged chats were posted on the Group Mvenge Mvenge which contained ...

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Barber dragged to court over maintenance

A Harare woman has dragged her ex-boyfriend a barber to Harare Civil Court for maintenance of their 4 month child. Catherine Musiiwa claimed $150 from Norest Musiiwa for their child’s upkeep who was 4 months old. She used to be a vendor but Mukunda’s wife destroyed her business by taking her stock. “I am claiming $150 for maintenance for our ...

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Tsvangirai family bans party regalia at memorial service

Former Prime Minister of MDC-A Morgan Tsvangirai’s family said they will not allow part regalia at his memorial service set for this Saturday. Tsvangirai’s young brother Manase told news reporters at family’s house in Strathaven that the memorial service is not a political event but it is for a politician who dedicated hi life to bring democratic change in Zimbabwe. ...

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Chamisa appreciative for the support

Movement for Democratic Change Alliance Leader Nelson Chamisa is grateful for the support from his fanatics in preparation for the party’s Congress from 24- 26 May. On his twitter handle Chamisa said he was appreciative for his fans support through their votes for choosing him as the President of MDC-A. “Change arrives and begins now. Thank you Machinja for an ...

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Cyclone Kenneth: Aid struggling to reach affected areas

Aid Workers in Mozambique yesterday said they are unable to reach many people affected by Cyclone Kenneth which struck on Thursday due to heavy rains. United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said it failed to fly to Pemba yesterday because of the harsh weather and they are hoping to go there today. “The weather is making everything more challenging because ...

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Harare City Council pumps raw sewage into taps

Harare City Council is pumping raw sewage into tap water to city residents leading to disease outbreaks being the order of the day. Residents from Harare said the tap water smells like sewer because the tanks that belong to a sewer treatment plant are the main cause of the problem. The water comes from the sewer treatment plant because the ...

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Patson Dzamara grateful for the assistance

Political activist and motivational speaker Patson Dzamara is appreciative for the support and help given to him and his family by Nelson Chamisa, Temba Mliswa and Shingi Munyeza during the kidnapping of Itai Dzamara. On his twitter handle Dzamara said he was grateful for the assistance he was given by Temba Mliswa, Shingi Munyeza and Nelson Chamisa of being of ...

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Man prepared to work as a maid

A Harare man said he is willing to work as a maid for his ex-wife as a way of raising money because he is failing to pay maintenance for their 8 months’ child. Kumbirai Mbedzi said this at the Harare Civil Court today where he was applying for downward variation from $130 to $40. ‘I’m failing to raise $130 dollars ...

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