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Four fires in less than two days

Today a fire broke out in Mbare at Magaba  industries merely less than a day, after two other similar incidents occurred at Glenview home industry , another gutted Edgars department store, Kadoma along with two other shops and Mpilo hospital recently.

Yesterday the Harare Fire Brigade battled to contain the inferno as the Glenview complex ragged in flames.The unfortunate incident is said to have been sparked a rage of fire after a petrol generator burst up into flames,causing a rapid spread of fire.The Fire brigade relentlessly extinguished the flames.

Three chain store apartments in Kadoma was also razed down by fire last night .The affected stores are Edgars ,Jet and Coloursel ,the inferno  destroyed the buildings and merchandise including furniture.The fire is suspected to have been resulted from an electrical fault.

The Magaba siyaso  fire is claimed to have been caused  by a group of boys  who were smelting copper at a scrap yard  near Magaba  siyaso .And these illegal smelters  are said to have been working without  the owner of that premises permission which led to these boys fleeing when the landlord had returned ,leaving their fire  unattended ,leading to the cause of the fire.

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