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It’s time for action ‘E.D’

The Honourable President Emmerson Mnangagwa met with Captains of industry and commerce at the Harare International Conference Centre today.

The meeting was an inaugural meeting which was set to provide an interactive platform between the government and the captains of industry and commerce to discuss pertinent issues, exchange ideas and map up strategies that will enhance the business environment.

In his speech he noted that “It’s time for action and time to deliver.”  He went on to say that “Our role as government is to create an enabling environment for you in business to thrive, facilitate trade and investment, and avail the requisite infrastructure and utilities which enhances the ease of doing business.”

He also highlighted that his government is also aware of the challenges at borders and ports of entry and he encouraged responsible authorities to eliminate border porosity, smuggling, tax evasion and to reduce cross boarder crimes.

He alluded that they won’t retreat in the fight against all forms of corruption and hence he is going to announce the names of people who externalised funds on the !9th of March to enable the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to complete the  processing of externalised funds and assets whose return is impending.

The Vice President Honourable Retired General C.G Chiwenga, Minister M. Chikukwa and Minister M. Bimha were some of the delegates that were present.

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