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Tsvangirai family saga: Details begin to emerge

The death of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai has come as a heavy blow beyond his family, it is not surprising that the spotlight would come with it fair share of drama.

It had come as a puzzle to so many that the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s widow, Elizabeth Macheka Tsvangirai appear to have been taking the heaviest fall, from her brother in law accusing her live on SABC of questionable movements, her being barred from his deathbed and the latest Gogo Tsvangirai declaring she is unwelcome in Buhera for the burial, together with Nelson Chamisa.

Details emerging in a classic case of the epic Zimbabwean movie Neria, are that while Elizabeth was in South Africa tending to her sick husband, she received a call from house staff that a relative (name supplied) was demanding access to their bedroom. It is in the same bedroom that as she claimed, important documents were safely kept.

Smelling amiss, Elizabeth called to consult Nelson Chamisa as a family friend and in his capacity as a legal practitioner. Chamisa, in advice opened to Elizabeth what could be the intention of the relative’s interest of accessing her and late husband’s bedroom. On that advice, Elizabeth immediately arranged to fly to Harare and back to move the documents to safe custody.

Without wanting to distress her ailing husband with such divisive detail, she told him she has a minor headache and will be lying down for a couple of hours. She flew to Harare where unconfirmed reports allege that Chamisa’s vehicle shuttled her to her house, document custody and back to the airport.

On realising the plot has been foiled, the relative made contact with the family in South Africa after which Elizabeth became unwelcome by the family. To cement the position, the family reported to Morgan Tsvangirai that his wife has been spotted in Harare and must have been committing infidelity with Chamisa. An already weakened Morgan is claimed to have been enraged and the family claim Elizabeth unwelcome to see him.

It is now clear that some people in the MDC leadership circles who might have been privy of this development, opted to play it to the family so as to score political mileage on each other. The family on the other hand, allowed themselves to be used as discrediting Elizabeth would eliminate her from the inheritance equation.

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