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‘Vice President Chiwenga is well,’ Charamba

President’s Spokesperson George Charamba dismissed the allegations that Chiwenga is critically ill in South Africa saying that both him and his wife are in good condition.

Charamba said the bombing incident at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo affected Vice President Chiwenga and his wife Mary alongside Vice President Kembo Mohadi and several other government officials.

“The incident happened at the time of 30 July harmonized elections campaign and the Vice President could not receive full medical attention as he was fighting to complete the campaign process,” said Charamba.

He added that President Emmerson Munangagwa had been communicating with the Vice President daily from the time he went to South Africa sometimes last week.

He added:

“There is that historical problem that they have over and above what happened at White City Stadium. That then made it urgent for him to then get that thorough medical attention I am talking about.”

There have been rumors circulating since last month on social media about the health condition of the Vice President and his wife though he dismissed it on his twitter saying the social media has been propagating fake news.

All this has been taking place at a time the controversial apostle T.F Chiwenga has been giving prophecies of death. The prophecies has not been given a time frame but rather came as a coincidence with some of the politicians been flown to South Africa for medication.




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