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Vision Aluminium boss “Bhaka Vincent” in hot mess

The Zimbabwean social media has come hot in anger over the man who posted a video on social media giving out tip on how to use a child to escape the wife for extra-marital activities. The man, now identified as Bhaka Vincent, the controversial boss at Vision Aluminium is Graniteside.

Not new to controversy, Bhaka’s company Vision Aluminium has recently been embroiled into shoddy workmanship with some clients’ work havent been completed in over 24months despite assurances at payments that all jobs completed within two weeks maximum. It is believed last week, a ZESA boss came shot to trading blows with Bhaka after he numerously been dodging him until he was trapped to a new quoting job in Arlington Estate, Harare.

Bhaka went on live driving with his daughter presumed just over two years old standing on the front seat of a moving vehicle without wearing a seat belt. This careless stunt has loudly outraged Zimbabweans that a hunt for his identity begun at first sight of the video.

Contacted for comment, an unammed member of the ZRP appealed to the Zimbabwean community to identify the culprit and report him to the nearest police in whatever jurisdiction he is whether in Zimbabwe or anywhere in the world.


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