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Winfit Harare office raided, security guard tied and beaten

The Harare office of trans-continental company serving Zimbabweans in diaspora was robbed earlier this morning with the robbers making a run with dozens of laptop computers, cash and a 600kg Chubb safe leaving the on duty security guard tied, gagged and beaten.

Thought to have scoured the perimeter wall before neutralising the security detail, the robbers entered the premises via a window they broke and ransacked the entire property.

Winfit Press Release (12 February 2019)

“It saddens me that beyond the robbery, one of my employees (security guard) has had to be taken through this ordeal. There is no place of crime in our society, worse still such daring robbery. I dearly want this people caught and see them face the wrath of the law”, said Florence Chaurura, Winfit Services boss.

Chaurura asked if this robbery will affect customers’ investments or

Winfit CEO: Florence Mudonhi-Chaurura

goods in custody, she gave assurance that the customers’ property and capital are all safe and secure.

“We take pride in operating securely, yes there was money in the safe but it was just our operational expenses float. No client investment has been affected, serve for the disruption we will go through on replacement of computer hardware as well allowing the authorities due process”, she added.

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