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Woman demands clothes after separation

A Harare man has hauled his abusive estranged wife to Harare Civil Court seeking protection order from being harassed.

Pennias Jumbwa claimed that Shylet Gonero would assault her through the phone if he delayed paying maintenance for their child and was approaching the court to protect him from being tormented by Gonero.

“I am applying for a Protection Order against my ex-wife who assaults me through the phone if I delay paying maintenance.Shes always harassing me my Lord,”.

Gonero dismissed the claims saying Jumbwa was lying we are separated and I just want to collect my clothes that I left at his house. Jumbwa just left me at my parents’ house saying he would come back and get me but with no avail of his return.

“We are not divorced, he just left me at my parents’ house and claimed he would come back and take me.He also claimed I was possessed by evil spirits. I only want my clothes from him nothing more,”

Jumbwa claimed Gonero would come at his residential place and assault and torment his wife

Presiding Magistrate Tafadzwa Mhiti ordered Gonero to allow Jumbwa to collect her clothes at his house and to stay away from each other.

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