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Youths urged to unite

Following the National Unity Day to be held on Saturday 22 December this year, the youths has been urged to unite to pave way for development of our country despite their difference in political issues.

In a statement, the executive director for Zimbabwe Youth Arise (ZIMYA), Taonashe Chinguruve also said political polarization in Zimbabwe has to come to an end.

“There should be an undertaking from the youth generation to unite Zimbabwe because we have a responsibility and it is our obligation, everything starts with the youth because we are the present.

“As a youth organization, we believe that the youth play a major role in uniting the nation, political polarization has been the order of the day in Zimbabwe, people have been hating and hurting each other because of their political or ideological differences as the ZIMYA we say not anymore.

“One of our objectives is to end polarization of the political landscape by creating open and transparent dialogue platforms among the youth, advocating for leaders to be chosen on merit rather than political affiliations.

“We also strive to identify and empower marginalized youth potential leaders, empowering and grooming them into desirable leaders,” he said.

Zimya was launched on November 3, 2018 in Bulawayo at royal hotel one of its aims is to build a politically balanced society in which all political players can peacefully co-exist despite their difference in ideological approach.

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