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ZANU PF and MDC are stealing from people: Munyanduri

Engineer Tendai Peter Munyanduri the president of the New Patriotic Front has made shocking remarks during his press conference held today in Harare.

During the press conference he blamed the deteriorating standards of the country to the two main stream parties ZANU PF and MDC Alliance.

“If a dull person wins the election in any country the people in that country like Zimbabwe will suffer.”

“ZANU PF and MDC are criminals and they don’t deserve to be running this country.”

“Countries led by lawyers have a slow growing economy like Zimbabwe and countries led by engineers have fast growing economy.”

“ZANU PF and MDC are stealing from the people and we would like to stop that when we get in to power in 2023.”

“Mnangagwa said he is targeting that by 2030 Zimbabwe must be a middle income country which means that by 2023 all employees must be having their wages raised by a quarter.”

“When we get into power we want to depopulate Harare because the population that it has today is the one causing diseases.”

Munyanduri is one of the losing presidential candidates in the just ended elections of 30 July.

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