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Zero tolerance to bullying & violence: ZIMONLINE MEDIA

ZimOnline Media is a flagship Zimbabwean social enterprise that prides in promoting Zimbabwean and culture globally on mandate from the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe and other affiliate bodies and authority departments.

In our operations, we are subscribed to charters and community initiatives to promote a peaceful and harmonious living among the Zimbabwean communities, most notable the anti-bullying and stop domestic violence initiatives. We have applauded many artists and their followers alike who support and candidly subcribe to the objectives of the same.

A video of Sandra Gazi, a popular ZimDancehall artist known on stage as Lady Squanda has reached us in the last 24Hrs. He have taken time analysing this material with guidance from our inhouse and external advisory benches, as well other past conducts of the artist in mention and have come to an unanimous concession her actions, behaviour and conduct has crossed ethical baseline and in this case of criminal merit.

ZimOnline Media hereby then under caution and with immediate effect has placed Sandra Gazi’s music and any work related to her alias on ban from airplay and any other promotion. We hence send a clear and unwavering message that as an organisation, we maintain zero tolerance to bullying and violence. We applaud other media houses like ZimPowerFM and BodySlam Records & Promotions for taking similar measure and sending the message across.

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