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posters that have placed at the Stanbic Bank

Zibawu protest against Stanbic Bank

Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union continue to protest at the Stanbic Bank along Samora Macheal Avenue in Harare.

The protest is against the unfair treatment of female workers from Stanbic bank. The management of the bank is alleged to have been demanding sex from the female workers.

In an interview Shepard Bingura with one of the protesters, he mentioned that the Chairperson of the Committee went to the management board but they dismissed him for fighting for women’s rights, he added by saying that the Zibawu is not only fighting for women’s rights but also the rights of each and every employee of the bank.

The ZimOnline news have contacted the management of the bank which highlighted  that there are not yet disclosing the issue because it’s still in the courts and that not all the ladies are involved hence they will give a report after the court has ruled on the case.

Some of the issues that were highlighted in this protest are forcing women to donate sanitary pads, the absence of democracy at the bank and the victimization of women by the bank.


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