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Why does the Zimbabwe government lie about mega deals and international loans

It would seem that the Zimbabwe government prefers to lie to Zimbabweans than admit it has failed. Recently state media gave the impression that minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa had a successful investment visit to London with screaming headlines calling it a Historic Visit.

On closer scrutiny and official IMF position its clear a false impression was deliberately created to deceive restless Zimbabweans. Many Zimbabweans who still have residual sympathy for the Zanu PF government held their breath hoping he secures some stop gap measure loan just to relieve the economy from spiraling out of control as we are witnessing. All the civil unrest and protests we see are a result of so many lies told about Mega Deals from Dangote, to Russia to China, all lies about an imminent transformational investment about to happen.

If the truth be told, it would seem only Brazilian deal negotiated by former vice president now People First leader Dr Mujuru was authentic hence the First Lady Dr Mugabe was happy to distribute agricultural machinery and irrigation equipment from this facility, its a pity the national programme ended up falling victim to usual spin and patronage. So nothing tangible has been head as to the difference the equipment is making to farming. No success story reports after the high profile rallies distribution.

This government lies as a matter of routine as long at it keeps it in power, its all about power retention than transformational sustainable development.

The IMF responds officially most emphatically!!…..

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