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“Zimbabwe Open for Craziness” Chamisa

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-Alliance) leader Nelson Chamisa held a press conference criticizing the current situation which he said is leading to craziness  in the country.The press conference was held today at Richard Morgan Tsvangirai building in Harare.

Chamisa said everything that is happening now is because of the absence of leadership as a result of the behavior of President Mnangagwa and his team, who snatched the victory of the people on the 31st of July.

He said the country is going to have serious problems with investors because no investor will invest in a country where people are promised that it is “Open for business” yet it is open for craziness.

“I have taken a lot of time to assess the environment in the country and to check our political and humanitarian situation. Over the past days I visited hospitals and clinics, I visited victims of Cholera attended burials of people killed by the disease. I’ve also been in queues in the various parts of the country and during last weekend I had to wait for close to 4 hours in a fuel queue.

“Our country is in a difficult situation on account of predatory policies of this illegitimate government. We have realized and witnessed high and worsening levels of unemployment rate, poverty and excruciating inequality. The country is experiencing a confidence crisis which is manifesting itself as a liquidity crisis. It is a confidence crisis not cash crisis which is caused by structural deficiencies and distortions in the economy typified by de-industrialization and a rising informality from national labor force of 2014.

He added:

“We also have a galloping and runaway expenditure on the part of government, a government that has huge appetite to spend money and perpetuating the old Mugabe style going out of the country occasionally. I have always indicated that the illegitimate government is clueless and is not able to provide solutions. The biggest challenge in the country is the indiscipline in a fiscal level by government.

“I fully understand the pain of Zimbabweans and people are calling me on daily basis for solutions and I know they did not call E.D because they did not vote for him and people expect solutions from the person they voted for. The situation in our economy is unbearable and I spoke about spaghetti roads and Mnangagwa misunderstood and he is giving spaghetti queues, people queuing for fuel and for cooking oil,”said Chamisa.

Chamisa also said that people are being punished for rejecting the government and this why the government  has been behaving in a bizarre fashion, raiding people’s money and invading the pockets of the poor.




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