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Zimbabwe Tourism Authority flights 2017 Carnival Awards

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has held its 2017 Carnival Awards ceremony. The awards ceremony took place today at the New Ambassador Hotel in Harare.

Speaking at the ceremony the Zimbabwe Tourism, Chief Executive Officer Karikoga Kaseke said that, 2017 carnival festival was the biggest of all so far.

“This year the carnival will be held on the 15th to the 20th of October and we promise that the event is going to supersede the previous one.”

He also mentioned that there is going to be a concert on the last day at the Glamis Arena which is going to be hosted by the African Union and is open to all African countries.

Christ Embassy has scooped the overall winner prize of the 2017 carnival festival, it was awarded both the overall and the contemporary winner. To receive the award was Pastor Ruth Musarurwa from Christ Embassy.

The awards were presented in five categories as follows:

1). Schools and Universities   –      Winner                        Belvedere Technical College

2). Traditional                         –           Winner                        Dzikwa Trust Senior Group

3). International                      –           Winner                        Brazil Momo King Group

4).Contemporary                     –           Winner                        Christ Embassy

5). Overall Winner                                                                       Christ Embassy

Harare International Carnival (HIC) is a unique brand that involves people across the social cultural and political divide.



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