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Zimbabweans react to Gokwe MP’s Lamborghini Urus car

Gokwe-Nembudziya Zanu-PF MP and chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Justice Mayor Wadyajena has imported a classy brand new car (Lamborghini Urus) worth $420 000 USD from Europe on a KLM cargo flight on Monday.

The lavish lifestyle of Wadyajena brought negative reactions from people on social media as they claimed that the car might belong to Zanu-PF MPs and President Emerson Mnangagwa, whose government has been complaining of lack of foreign currency.   

 Meanwhile, Gokwe people especially the uneducated young girls are forced into early marriages due to poverty.

“Dear Zimbabwe: It is opulance like this from the well-connected in the midst of 90 percent poverty –that makes citizens further lose confidence political leadership. Where and how are others generating these millions to splash on vanity? How many classrooms could have been built from it?” said Cde Never Maswerasei.

“I presume that @daddyhope has confirmed this allegation is correct. If so it is a disgusting example of ZANUPF profligacy,arrogance,disregard for the suffering of poor people and sheer wanton waste of Zimbabwe’s catastrophic shortage of forex,” said David Coltart

“How they are stealing from Zimbabwe.@JusticeMayorW imported a US$200 000 cars without paying duty .Imagine, the government does not allow the poor to importing cooking oil and some other foodstuffs without paying duty,” said Zandie.

“Lavish arrogance in the midst of a dysfunctional economy where millions can’t afford basic livelihoods is a slap in the face for those RTGS earning soldiers whose monthly salaries are equivalent to US$20 yet are abused to shoot and crush those who denounce poor governance,” said Makomborero Haruzivishe.

“The disingenuous of ZANU PF,Mnangagwa’s ally buys a US$210 000 Lamborghini Urus while citizens suffer.ZANU PF is Ineffable!!!!,” said B.Sibanda

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