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1202 Herbal Solutions takes demonstrating employees to court

1202 Herbal Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has taken its employees to court accusing them of engaging into violent protests and disrupting business operations at its premises.

In an urgent chamber application filed on 21 June 2018 at the High Court, 1202 Herbal Solutions accuse its employees of destroying and stealing property during the demonstrations.

The respondents in the matter are MacNorman Chitongo and Youth Business League.

According to the court papers Andy Zumunya, the owner of 1202 Herbal Solutions said:

 “This is an application for an interdict, I am petitioning this Honorable Court to issue an order stopping the respondents in this matter and all those claiming right through them from demonstrating and inciting any other person to demonstrate violently or otherwise against myself and the second applicant and also from blocking access to and from my principal place of business at number 48 Vanguard House, Kenneth Kaunda Street Harare.

On 31 May 2018 it came to the attention of the Traditional Medical Practioners Council of Zimbabwe (TMPCZ) that although the second applicant (1202 Herbal Solutions) was licensed to sell herbs there was need for its distributors to individually obtain distribution licenses and hence it wrote to second applicant to regularize the remainder of the staff that did not have licenses to distribute herbal products.

By virtue of this instruction I wrote to my unlicensed staff and informed them of the position and the need for them to temporarily stop selling products and regularize themselves.

On 1 June, McNorman Chitongo in his capacity as the Secretary General of Youth Bussiness League wrote to the Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Information and Publicity calling for malicious investigations to be launched against 1202 Herbal Solutions.

That afternoon, Chitongo led a group of employees on a wave of violent protest claiming that the employees had been exploited and that 1202 herbal solutions had engaged into unfair labour practices and had unfairly dismissed the employee.”

The matter is still pending.



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