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The Crisis of Broncler “Bronco” in Zimbabwe


Broncleer cough syrup known in the streets as “Bronco”


Man after taking high dosages of Bronco

Violence and perfunctoriness is the order of the day. A highly contagious and deadly disease is on the loose. People are dying by the day; will a hero rise to save the city?

The year is not 2035 and this is not a scene from a Hollywood sci-fi movie. Drugs are slowly transforming our youth into ‘zombies’ and if no measures or precautions are taken the future of this nation is at stake: apocalypse!

A litany of recreational drugs is flooding the streets of Harare, Bulawayo and many other cities and towns. The most popular drug is Broncleer a cough syrup containing a substance called codeine sulfate which causes the person to feel high.

‘Bronco’ the street lingo for Broncleer causes a person to have a dry mouth. It has become a constant feature to see youths sucking lollipop sweets or drinking a single 300ml bottle of sweet soft drinks the whole day.

In this make believe world, everyone talking loudly or harshly is a potential enemy. People who take in Bronco are easily infuriated. It is one of its symptoms, hence one who is high become so quiet and aggressive.

People under the influence of this drug become antisocial. Just like Zombies. They become slaves to addiction and cannot live without taking a daily dosage.

For some bronco no longer do for them,hence they mix it with diazepam pills known on the street simply as ‘blue pills’. People high on these pills become violent and have trouble walking properly.Now a combination of these two drugs is deadly.

They transform a person with a university degree otherwise with a good future into a Zombie like being.A person who spends the whole day sipping from a bottle of sweet juices,having trouble with walking and engaging in fist fights.

Many other drugs like nyaope ‘a mixture of ARV pills,rat poison and other substances’ are flooding the streets too.Despite the name or type almost all these drugs have the same negative effects.
Research has shown that students who take drugs do not perform well at school.They tend to loose interest in school work,they don’t attend lessons.

At home they become aggressive and anti social.They tend to become petty criminals.

In society these youths sit at street corners or playing snooker. Their excuse being that the rate of unemployment.Well,that excuse is no justification.Some enterprising youths have car wash businesses,some sell airtime,some have small tuckshops. Some travel to neighboring countries to buy clothes or shoes to sell. A lot of micro-finance institutions are helping out youths with loans for small businesses too.

Our government must put in place measures to save our youths. It is saddening to note how some people have actually become rich from the fortunes of selling drugs. Zimbabwe has now its own ‘Pablo Escobars’: rich drug cartels. When police officers from the drug section go to them, it is not to arrest them but to collect bribe.

This problem is more severe than what it actually seems thus it needs to be nipped in the bud. The Americans blame the Russian’s psycho-politics for its own drug addiction problems. Who are we to blame as a country?

A hero must rise to save the day before a total Zombie apocalypse annihilates our country!

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