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$2 note specimen unpopular before release…

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe yesterday released the specimen of the new $2 note currency, it will work interchangeably with the bond notes.Re-introduction of the Zim-dollar after 10years in absence.

Last week the Central Bank announced that it will release the physical forms of the new Zimdollar currency introduced earlier in June. The bank said the release was necessitated by acute cash shortages prevalent in the economy.

Citizens have had no access to cash via the conventional means for 3 years and the scarce notes available, being the bond notes, could only be accessed through mobile money merchants at a steep premium of up to 60% on electronic money.

The new $2 note currency is in essence not so new as it is a complete replica of the bond notes introduced in 2016, the pseudo notes becoming the real currency.

Citizens expressed discontentment on social media as seen in their comments which all completely indicate their mistrust in the move made by the government.

These are some of the comments that the people shared on twitter with regards to the presented specimen

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