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I had the opportunity to be involved in a discussion with Obert Gutu and Jacob Mafume with regards their on-going battles and recalling of the Renewal MP’s. As you will hear in the audio, the MDC-T is perfectly within their legal right to recall the 21 MP’s that went in on their party ticket but have since left that party ...

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“I hope Zimbabweans are proud of me for this achievement..” Brian Soko

Zimbabwean Brian Soko, who has made a legend on the global music arena has provoked a debate on fellow countrymen’s support and acknowledgement of outstanding performance and talent. On receiving a Grammy award given to the song writers of Beyonce’s song, “Drunk in Love”, Soko humbly acknowledged family, team mates and opened profoundly and his hope Zimbabweans celebrate with him this milestone. ...

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“Please stop filming us shooting Black people”, LAPD appeals

POLICE in the United States have launched an appeal to the public to try and curb the amount of recordings of black people getting shot turning up online. The plea comes after a video was posted on YouTube showing LAPD officers struggling with a homeless man in broad daylight before shooting him to death. WARNING: The video you are about ...

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