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Bold Indonesia risks diplomatic relations: Executes 8 drugs convicts

The Indonesian government has executed by firing squad eight people for drug offences, including two Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumuran, who were the subject of a years-long campaign for clemency. The development marks the end of years of campaigning to spare the men, who were sentenced to death in 2006 for their part in the Bali Nine heroin-smuggling ring. ...

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Our Response to Xenophobia-Sort out Zimbabwe

The Xenophobic attacks in neighbouring South Africa have reinforced a message that we can no longer afford to ignore. We have to sort Zimbabwe out. We cannot continue to ignore the fact that we are at the mercy of an uncaring government. Whilst we condemn the xenophobic attacks in the strongest possible terms we want to ask the Zanu PF ...

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Xenophobia: Mutharika lashes out on tired “Bob”

Blantyre – Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has urged Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, in his capacity as chairman of the regional grouping, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), to ensure that xenophobic attacks in South Africa are addressed. “I will raise the issue with President Mugabe, as chairman of SADC, especially to ensure that this matter is discussed at the impending ...

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Is the government really doing anything?

When the settlers settled in then Salisbury now Harare in 1890, the idea of relocating the city to another area was mooted in 1891. The options were Norton, Mvurwi, Darwendale, Rusape et cetera. However the idea of relocating the city was rejected, one of the reasons was that the other options were lower than Harare thus ‘unhealthy’ however the main ...

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Zimbabweans academics wasting their knowledge over nothing

  Nathaniel Manheru has always been a mysterious and interesting persona to me, primarily because of how he has managed to be sheathed under the veneers of a Nome de plume for many years. Although some have made allegations to the effect that the mysterious columnist was none other than George Charamba, to me as a political scientist who believes ...

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