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What you allow is what will continue

I think some women have simply become helplessly stupid or altogether crazy. The previous generations of women were made of sterner stuff. They dealt with their marital woes in silence and made their decisions after consultation with a few chosen family members and friends. Whether these decisions were right or wrong that’s another matter. Some ended up dying of HIV ...

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SA road carnage claim five Zim Gospel artists

Its a dark day for the Zimbabwean gospel music family and the industry as a whole as four promising instrumental talents were wiped out in a road collision in South Africa earlier this morning. The accident that claimed the life of a well respected lead guitarist Tawanda Makwavarara alongside his four close music colleagues happened on South Africa’s R21 South highway ...

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Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson “death” a hoax

Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr Bean, has recently fallen victim to Internet death hoax. News of the famous actor’s death spread rapidly on social media network resulting into concern among fans. However, it is now confirmed that it was just a hoax and the actor is doing just fine. Mr Bean is the latest celebrity to fall victim to ...

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