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Rushwaya’s reinstatement divides ZMF

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation(ZMF) has been left divided following the contradictory statements made by both the CEO and spokesperson on Rushwaya’s reinstatement.

Chaos began when ZMF CEO, William Takavarasha said Rushwaya was reinstated according to the company’s constitution.

According to reports, the decision to reinstate Ms Rushwaya was arrived at on the basis that,” she remains innocent until proven guilty“.

Meanwhile, the Federation’s spokesperson, Mr Dosman Mangisi insists that proper procedures were not followed during the meeting for the reinstatement and it was unconstitutional since she has a matter pending in courts.

Mangisi insists that Rushwaya must have been reinstated after her court case has been finalised and when she was proven innocent.

Henrietta Rushwaya(54) is currently on bail after she was arrested last October at the Robert Mugabe International Airport while allegedly attempting to smuggle gold out of the country.

Following her arrest Rushwaya was suspended by the ZMF board as its President.



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