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A moment with gospel diva: Joyce Simeti


International Calling: Gospel Artist Joyce Simeti

Caught up with the veteran Gospel artist Joyce Simeti on her maiden Australia tour and was privileged to gt an insight into the woman, the mother, the artist and entrepreneur all rolled in one;

Simba: Thank you for taking a time to chat with me Joyce. For the benefit of our readers, tell me who is Joyce Simeti?

Joyce: Joyce Simeti is a Gospel musician, wife and a mother of two girls and one boy.

Simba: I am sure we all want to reel back to her first walks. Where she was born, grew up and perhaps her first achievement, was it a school report, sports medal or perhaps a church choral ovation?

Joyce:  I recorded my first album in 2002 with Ngaavongwe records called Tose Takadanwa, and another one, NaMwari Zvinoita, and 2005 I left Ngaavongwe records and join TMC records where I got my breakthrough with the hit song Kudza baba namai on album called Haakusiye Haakurase.

2007 I did another  album Vana vanokosha, before 2011 when I moved to join Diamond studios where I released another hit song Ndakange Ndisipo from the album called Makandinzwa, Year 2013 saw my final release with Diamond Studios, an  album called Anozvigonesesa


Simba: That is quite a journey and surely comes with testimonies and challenges to be shared. I am known for pulling exclusives. How has been your journey been?


Joyce: It was not an easy journey especially kupinda without true information even someone who is knowledgeable in that area but nyasha dzakandishingisa, I didn’t gave up. A mother, wife and singer kuzvibatanidza hey, munana chaiwo

Simba: True, that is a challenge. Do you feel it put pressure on your family life or you were one of the few blessed to have a husband driving you forward and stronger?

Joyce: I’m the few blessed to have a husband who support in every challenge he was there for me eg expenses for recordings videos etc even the church supports much and our media vakaita basa guru to be what I’m today kuti nyika izive kuti kuna Joyce Simeti

Simba: Do you have a particular artist you look up to or who particularly inspire your talent, and why that particular one?

Joyce: I’m inspired by Baba Manyeruke since I was a little girl up to now, i remember the first song i composed i took one of his beats as it is and put my lyrics

Simba: You are in Australia on an International tour concerts series, with a music career spanning twelve years why now? And how is the chemistry with diaspora fans?

Joyce: This is the Lord s doing. I remember August 24 last year I told Prophet Makandiwa that I want to travel abroad ministering ndichidzoka, vakandibvunza ndinoda kuenda nyika dzipi? I mentioned a few, fascinatingly Australia was on the core of my heart.  Fast-forward to January I saw a gratitude message on Facebook from a cousin I had sang on their wedding ceremony. In May, he contacted me again enquiring if I was interested in touring Australia to minister at the AFM conference. To be honest, I was not really convinced this will work out but he kept insisting and by mid-August submitted my documents and we were given a six weeks waiting period for visas. Three days into submitting, my hopes were crashed when one of my most respected artists, Takesure Zamar Ncube was denied the Australian visa. Needless to say, when God has his plans on the 1st of October I received the email kuti Visa raita apa mari yeticket ndanga ndadya. I then in panic phoned Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa and she bought a ticket for me ndikasimuka musi wa2 ndikasvika musi wa3 apa the conference yaipera on the 4th of October I sang the last day. Now I’m working with Bruce Chimanya a big promoter here akaunza the Charambas last year. We have concerts lined up starting from here in Melbourne were I am current before we proceed to Sydney then then finish off in Perth on the 31st and we set back to Zimbabwe.

Simba: What would you tell your fans in Australia to expect at concerts, especially those that are not yet be-known to you and/or your talent on stage?

Joyce: To my fans in Australia I’m saying come in numbers and witness the way we do it in Zimbabwe

Simba: What other projects can we look forward to in the very near future?

Joyce: 8th Album coming out in March entitled Ndakabuda Pakaoma, oh ipapa pakapa one of its kind, also I’m going to upgrade my African Attire shop new styles both for men and women are coming up

Simba: Intriguing, tell me more about that diverse further talent. I did not know you are a fashion household label, fill us in…

Joyce: I did my cutting and designing course in 1996 which I had just shelved when I got into music. There came a time I decided  to have  my own trade mark clothing line. I started to design African dresses for myself and I also found a hairdresser who does the carrot braid style which as you all know has become my signature, many people began to love my style persuading me to open a shop in town at Roslin House where I have enrolled tailors to look after the business. I then went on to register Joysmart Pvt limited company.

Simba: Before I let you go Joyce, now that you have gone international, how do we get to buy your music as well get in touch with you or your team as fans and supporters?

Joyce: You can buy my music online from all major download sites as well on Reverbnation. You can also find me on all social network platforms by my name, email address is joycesimeti@yahoo.com, WhatsApp number +263772709150

Simba: Thank you for taking time with us and we wish you all the very best on your tour and projects.

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