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Sizzling Hot: Bev Sibanda on duty

After divorcing Prophet Magaya, Bev finds success

She may have quit the heavenly way following her dancing demons but Beverly Sibanda, popularly known as Bev has finally found peace doing what she loves; and it doesn’t hurt too that she is getting monetary success out of her hobby. At least that’s according to her manager Hapaz Mapimhidze.

The raunchy pole dancer was performing at a popular Harare club Londoners before a packed crown that drooled at her performance with her manager saying she hasn’t regretted leaving the promise of Heaven via popular prophet William Magaya and that leaving Magaya rekindled her romance with the pole…or in fact many poles that she has licked, caressed and dangled from ever since she left the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministry’s stewardship.

“What people don’t understand is that Bev doesn’t do this for money and her conversion to Magaya’s church was not about the money, she makes enough to live a comfortable life. She does this (dangle on poles, inserts bottles into her privates….the works!) because she enjoys it. It is what gives her satisfaction and ever since she left the church she is happy and content.”

And content she was. Gyrating on the floor, contorting herself in a manner Houdini would envy and gasping for air with her eyes semi closed-possessed by the demon of dancing as if in an orgasmic state oof mind, Bev was definitely in seventh heaven; one heaven higher than the one Magaya must have promised her.

The saying goes; find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life- Bev has definitely found that job and for her, life’s just but a game she has too live through one dance at a time. And that is not all. With the proceeds from wriggling, wiggling, bottle insertions-the works, Beverly has even managed too buy a bus for her dance crew to tour in! Who would have thought?

“Look!” said manager Hapaz dangling a shiny set of car keys. “We have a tour bus and it is our new acquisition for her band from her dancing. Even though the economy is currently tough to operate in for almost everybody, we are getting by just fine as you can see.”

Hapaz revealed that Bev had buried the proverbial hatchet with her erstwhile foe Zoey, and the two are now jointly managed by himself.

“We saw that their fortunes were waning so we took them under our wing. Things have been high flying for them ever since,” he boasted.

No sooner had he said that than Zoey herself appeared on stage after Bev. And so the contortions began yet again and a crowd went into a frenzy. And with such enthusiasm no wonder Bev is making it big.

For as long as there are poles, men and bottles, success for her is but a lap dance away!

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