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When age is catching up, yet everyone remain mum: Robert Mugabe

Aging Mugabe slips tongue, “Pasi neZanu(PF)”

90year old Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe just after being endorsed the sole party candidate for the Presidential Elections 2018  stunned Zanu PF delegates when he shouted “Pasi neZanu PF” (translated, Down with Zanu (PF)) as he wrapped up his speech. He was immediately corrected and he then shouted, Pamberi neZanu PF.

This ironic slip has left a lot baffled, yet the majority of Zimbabweans are swiftly confirming the President’s age is now compromising his mental faculties.

“I am not surprised at all and I saw this coming. Consider his endorsement of his wife’s bizarre barrage of Joyce Mujuru and the ridiculous assasination allegations. The man is losing his marbles, someone must advise him to retire gracefully”, said Mukai Makotse a renouned photographer and Zanu PF card holding member.

Just before this his wife Grace, who is now seen as steering the nation’s power train had is seen slipping a note telling him he had rumbled on for too long. Mugabe then closed his speech by confirming appointment of his wife Grace as head of women’s league sealing it with a kiss on her cheek.

Grace took to the podium and began reading her speech from an iPad. She thanked the people for nominating her to a leadership position in the party. She took not time to resume attacking Joyce Mujuru saying she had hated her nomination and mocked her. But Grace said :

“I’m not the only First Lady who has this position.The Late Sally Mugabe also had this position. Joice Mujuru was offside. That’s why I blew the whistle. She fought the war, we respect her for that but those arent credentials to take one forward, causing factionalism, no. I was given a whistle and like a whistle blower I blew it to whip people in line. Some thought I was out of turn. I used to be quiet but I started bashing Mujuru in public because women had given me the voice when they nominated me.”



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