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ANC urges police to restore order

Africa National Congress (ANC) urged security state officials to restore order in Johannesburg where the violence is at its peak. ANC has called upon the end of xenophobic attacks in South Africa which has claimed lives of national foreigners.

In a press release ANC urged South Africans to desist from attacking foreigners and leave the police to restore peace and order in SA.

We call on the police to be firm and uncompromising in dealing with criminals who among other things, deal in drug and human trafficking, regardless of their nationalities or place of origin,”

“We urge all South Africans to give the police space to do their work and to refrain from taking law into their hands,”

ANC said it welcomes all foreigners who are with proper papers and do not indulge in violence and drugs.“We welcome all foreigners who come to the country legally and who respect our laws

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