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Apostle Chiwenga hits Mnangagwa

Controversial preacher Apostle T.F Chiwenga criticized President Emmerson Mnangagwa for failing to console the victims of Cyclone Idai crisis that struck Manicaland last week.

Chiwenga said he is ashamed of Mnangagwa for not  being able to express his condolences  from his own heart and words to Chimanimani people and the nation at large.

“Our current President has gone to have somebody writing a speech for him to for him to tell us that he is deeply affected by what happened in Chimanimani.He can’t say it with his own mouth without a written speech,that’s how our situation is degenerating into chaos,” said Chiwenga.

Chiwenga also said Former President Mugabe was  better,he would speak from his own heart not from a written speech, even if he lies people could agree.

“Even if Mugabe was lying at least we all agreed that he would speak ,now this current one even fails to lie,” Apostle said.

The Apostle also blasts Mnangagwa for failing to set up a disaster relief fund .

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