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Armed robbers in ‘taxi’ scams

Since the price hike in public transport, passengers are advised to desist  from using private transport especially in the late hours .This came to a conclusion  as most cases are being reported  that robbers are masquerading as well wishers ,offering transport at times with negotiable fee charges and passengers end up losing all their valuables and risk lives to these thieves.

Reported cases have similar scenarios that these robbers tactics use; on 21 September around 2300 hours, two victims at Mbudzi Round About looking for transport to Masvingo, a white Nissan Sunny with three men stopped and the driver told the two victims   that they were going to Beitbridge when they boarded the car.

It is alleged that when they reached Boka  Auction Floors, the car  turned left since the driver  claimed that he wanted to pick someone in Hopley  and after driving a distance whilst in Granville  cemetery, one  of the robbers started assaulting  the first victim with fists  ordering him to surrender  all his valuables. The other robber produced a knife and grabbed second victim’s belongings and was ordered to disembark. The car then sped off towards Hopley. The complainants made a report at ZRP Southlea Park and the alleged robbers are still roaming freely.

On a similar case of 22 September around the same time 2300 hours, it is alleged that the complainant was waiting for transport to go to town. Suddenly a grey Toyota raum stopped and offered a lift to the complainant who then sat at the back and while they were passing Queensdale shopping centre the car stopped.

One of the accused who was sitting in the front moved to the back where the complainant was and produced a knife ordering the complainant to surrender his valuables. The complainant complied and surrendered his G-tel X7 plus cell phone and the thieves took his shoes he was wearing  and  pushed him  out of the car, the robbers drove away, leaving the complainant tied up. The complainant later managed to untie himself and proceeded to make a report   at ZRP Braeside.



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