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Munyaradzi Gwatidzo

Astro Mobile fresh drive propels Tech World

When Munyaradzi Gwatidzo won the latest award in the Astro mobile trophy cabinet in Morocco recently, it would have been a great feather in the cap to seal a working year and possibly something to pop the champagne for and plan for a new year.
Not so!
The Zimbabwean tech company would not let the award get to its head and seal the year because the techies year is never done and one achievement is hardly a licence to sit back and revel in all the glory that comes with being recognized on an international platform.
They went on and recently launched their latest gadget in the Astro mobile family. A phone series that is likely to torpedo its local competition G-Tel into a prehistoric age. And they have a big workload ahead of them and the roadmap to conquering the year 2016 is already past the blueprint stage.
“We have recently launched the new `Slide series ` range of phones and they come with amazing features like: heart beat monitor, infra red remote capability, air gestures, finger print sensor amongst other many functions. It is an achievement we are proud of as we continue to seek perfection and ultimate customer satisfaction,” says CEO Munyaradzi Gwatidzo.

And he is quick to distribute credit despite being the man behind that success.

“Our success is owed in part to the identity that we carry. Astro is an amazing Pan African brand that is supported by a highly committed, hard working, innovative young team,” he explains.

And the new Slide Series has its own advantages; “Coming with the Slide series is the Mobi Store, which is an African app store which gives a platform for African developers to showcase their skills and talent. We believe this kind of initiative will go a long way in creating `Techpreneurs`” says Gwatidzo who is widely regarded as one of Zimbabwe’s most influential young men.

But for a country reeling in job losses and a workforce that is severely depleted, it perhaps is music to the ears that while others are ‘shedding’ weight by trimming if not totally annihilating their staff numbers, Astro has job creation as a key focus for the year 2016.

While they have currently opened shops with their smart televisions, they hope to have the assembly line in Zimbabwe by the first quarter of next year significantly taking on new numbers to work at their Msasa envisioned plant.

“Our assembly unit equipment for assembling smart phones and smart TVs is now in the country. We are now in the process of setting up the plant, and anticipate it to be up and running by mid 2016.”

Zimbabwe has been celebrating with Astor over the past few weeks for being at the apex of the tech world on Marrakech, but it seems the greater cheer is yet to come if what Gwatidzo is promising is anything to go by.

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