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Bailed Fraudsters strike Again

Bailed fraudsters who are still on the dock for a brazen attempt to defraud a local Chinese national of land and other assets have shown no regards of the law, defiantly interfering with the complainant’s business and the land in question.

Earlier in May, Frera Washington(38), Tom-Baris Vincent(57) and Ngoshi Norman(42) were arraigned before Magistrate Ms Tilda Mazhande on allegation of faking agreement of sale papers, Company registration documents and a non-existent mine claim in bid to defraud of Ms Yan Yu of her and late husband’s company Shomet Industrial Holdings (Private) Limited and its assets. They are on bail with weekly signing at the CID Harare, among other stringent conditions.

The trio are alleged to have filed a fraudulent Change of Directors with the Company Registrar’s office sometime after the death of Zhaosheng Wu, resigning the other Directors without resolution and or their knowledge and authority in bid to take over ownership of Shomet Industrial Holdings (Private) Limited.

The trio, now with the assistance of one Mr Blesert Tawodzera, a briefcase land developer and Witness J Zamanga aka Thumelo who owns Hayes Constructions and alleged to have had been awarded the development contract at the time the trio hatched a plan to defraud Ms Yan Yu, despite being on bail for the fraud and with all evidence stacked against them continue to interfere with Shomet Industrial business and brazenly used the same forged documents to try to convince Waterfalls ZRP Police they are the owners of one of Shomet’s properties.

A white Toyota Hilux Double cab belonging to Tawodzera has frequented the site and he alongside Zamanga and the accused trio made numerous intimidations and threats to Shomet Industrial Holdings (Private) Limited’s handyman at the Prospect property. Tawodzera and Zamanga have been linked in numerous foiled projects in the past, including a land development project in Norton where they committed a landowner to a development contract when they neither had nor could prove capacity to meet the contract resulting in them losing the contract through a court nullification.

In mitigation, Shomet has approached the Commercial Crime CID who are liaising with the Prosecutor General on merits of having the criminals’ bail conditions reconsidered. A cautionary Notice has been issued to the public who may have any dealings with the above individuals to report to the Harare CID Police immediately.



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