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Barber dragged to court over maintenance

A Harare woman has dragged her ex-boyfriend a barber to Harare Civil Court for maintenance of their 4 month child.

Catherine Musiiwa claimed $150 from Norest Musiiwa for their child’s upkeep who was 4 months old. She used to be a vendor but Mukunda’s wife destroyed her business by taking her stock.

“I am claiming $150 for maintenance for our only child who is 4 months old. I would like Mukunda Norest to be involved in his child life by supporting him financially .I cannot take of the child alone because I only earn $50 in a month, ”said Musiiwa.

Norest declined the amount suggested by Musiiwa saying he was a barber and earned $300 which is not sufficient for him and his other 3 children because the mother of two had passed on who used to assist her in taking care of them.

“I am a barber sometimes I get $300 and have other three children who need to be catered for. Two of those children their mother passed and I have no one to assist me in taking care of them. The $300 that I release is not enough for the children and me,”said Mukunda.

Presiding Magistrate Sheila Nazombe ordered Mukunda to pay $50 for their child and Musiiwa to contribute in the upkeep of their child.

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