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Belinda Mutinhiri death: A new twist sucking aspiring ZANU-PF MP

The death of socialite Belinda Mutinhiri, daughter to the Rt Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri and former Zanu-PF legislator Tracy Mutinhiri left the entire Zimbabwe shocked. Details of what caused and happened in the accident remained sketchy and puzzling with the only surviving part that could have witnessed the whole scene becoming elusive, until recent.

Glorianne Francis, who had been based in the United Kingdom over two decades and was then believed to have been a passenger in the vehicle that claimed Belinda’s life. Following the accident, her family posted a request for privacy as she was said to be in and out of ICU with some friends on social media claiming she had once slipped into a coma. Outside friends and social circles were not allowed to see Glorianne during her stint in hospital and eventually she was lifted to United Kingdom to whence she holds citizenship.

Roll forward two years and we are in 2018. Glorianne Francis is on Zanu-PF bill board, campaigning to be Harare Central Member of Parliament appealing to the Harare residents to consider and endorse her to be ther parliament representative in the forthcoming 2018 Harmonised elections.

This development has slapped the taste out of the Mutinhiri family who Glorianne did not afford them a chance to shed light on the events of the tragic night socialite Belinda perished in the road accident. The family has always maintained the late Belinda could not have been the driver on the fateful night. As it is now emerging, the accident would be the second one Glorianne had been captaining a motorised vehicle believed under alcohol influence in which a passenger lost life.

Vimbai Mutinhiri, sister to the late Belinda could not contain her hurt and took to her twitter to express shock and dismay at Ms. Francise.

“What people are you running for? You’re had two accidents where both your passengers died under similar circumstances. Is that the blood you were seeking to move yourself forward? Sweetie, I pray you have repented from your witchcraft ways. “Sprinkles holy water” blasted Miss Vimbai Mutinhiri.

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