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Bhila remembers Mugabe’s teachings

By Patience Maforo and Dalubuhle Dube

Chairman of the war veterans Cde Honini Bhila has urged all ZANU-PF members to avoid blasting each other. Bhila said the late son of the soil Former President Robert Mugabe taught them to respect each other and the party was above everyone.

Addressing ZANU-PF members at ZANU-PF Harare District headquarters Bhila said Mugabe was a unifier and taught ZANU-PF members to value each other.

“Those who blast others are failing the party. There is no one bigger than the party, they are people who think they are above the party,”

Bhila also claimed that those who went outside the party and criticized leadership were also criticizing President Emmerson Mnangagwa leadership because he was the one who ordained those leaders.

“When you are criticizing this leadership you are also criticizing the President Emmerson Mnangagwa since he is the one who is appoints leadership,”

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