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Black market marijuana is huge in Harare

Black market marijuana is blooming in the city, with  its traders generating thousand dollars unnoticed.

The old standby of calling a friend with supply has increased with a lot of unemployed youths roaming around town and in the ghettos. These networks of friend have become undoubtedly intricate since the government have penalties to its abusers and traders.

The black market import is still unknown but weed from Malawi is being supplied. An anonymous supplier said that ‘chamba chepamalawi makeke than local bote, marara kune vanoziva mbanje madhiri embanje itora mari united but if I go to jail zvavharana I won’t come back but ndingaite sei Zimbabwe yakaora.’

The product is being sold at $8 per two kilos, and small sachet(star) costing 50 cents. To those who risk their lives smuggle at least eight bags into the country and drive at night to avoid police patrols and its smell.

The popularity of this variety has led to a profound in marijuana tourism and economic profit to its traders who work hand in hand with corrupt officials in smuggling it and selling without any attempts to solve its sources.

‘Chamba chepaMalawi’ has reached a cult status with ‘hwindis’, ghetto youths, town vendors and street people. Zimdancehall artistes are part of perpetrators who believe in the notion that ‘chamba’ and music are inseparable. They have resorted to the indica sativa celebration where Jamaicans praise weed and this has been adopted as a culture prompting its trade and abuse in the city.

In one of Harare high density suburb (Sunning dale 2) the location is infested with illegal shabeens. In these taverns the market of ‘mbanje’ and other drugs like bronco is high and uncontrolled. Police raids in the suburb (chimbabre mbare Street) are common and as expected they negotiate with the dealers. Pamudhara Zunza one of the notorious shabeens have been operating for more than 8 years and on a daily basis a group of young boys  gather around to share the pleasures of weed.

With  legalization of the drug talks still in discussion by the Ministry of Health, if the drug is legalized and nothing changes in regards to how it is controlled and distributed then Zimbabwe is in danger.



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