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Blackshark Security Guard Stage Manages Robbery While On Duty

A security guard under Blacksharbk Security Company reportedly stage-managed a robbery at Chicken Inn Chisipite while he was on duty before getting away with US$1 730 and ZW$4 000 recently.

The security guard, Robson Tawanda Chiriseri, 28, appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court and the matter was remanded to 13 August this year.

Allegations are that on 6 August 2021, and at Chicken Inn, Chisipite, Harare, the accused person, who is a Security Guard under Blackshark Security Company, and was on duty on the day in question, hatched a plan with his accomplice, namely Talent Mushoshoma, a Shift Manager at Chicken Inn, Chisipite, who is still at large, to steal from the company, and they stage-managed a robbery case.

The accused person then left the doors of the company unlocked, for easy access into the rooms for his accomplice who later came and opened the doors, to gain entry inside.

Once inside the rooms, Mushoshoma took the sate keys which had been left on the shelf and he unlocked the safe and stole cash amounting to US$I 730-00, and ZW$4 000-00.

Mushoshoma then proceeded to where Chiriseri was seated at the premises, and was given the handcuffs and pepper spray which the latter had on duty.

Mushoshoma then “handcuffed” Chiriseri with the handcuffs, and pepper-sprayed him, to make it appear as if he had been robbed, before he( Mushoshoma), went away with the money which they were to share between themselves later on the day.

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